1 John 5:14 ~ This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.

Each week in our worship service we take the time to share our thanks to God and our burdens.  


Join our prayer team on Thursdays at 6pm in prayer via teleconference.   

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Joni & Ping Digaum with J.D. & J.C.


The following is our ongoing prayer list:    Thanks to all for your prayers!

Remember to also pray for our prayer list in the bulletin:  

Our church family, our school, and our preschool

EACSM: Community Services Ministries

Prison Ministries

June 22

Gloria - Linda Meisner is in a lot of pain from surgery and cancer.  Please pray for her

Kevin - Had a funeral for an inspector's son.  He jumped off a bridge into the river with friends. They came up and he didn't. Please pray for the family

Dallas - Praise that this last week was our 62nd anniversary! Also, Monday we go to visit my sister in Canada who has dementia.  Prayers for travel safety.

Irma - Thanks to the elders who keep the church going without a pastor.

Martha - Precious texted me that she has a lot of nerve pain in her back and down her leg.  Also her Dad, Emmanuel has had surgery on his other hand and has nerve pain as well.  Prayers.

Pat - Pray for a teacher for Salmon!

Allison - We'll be gone the next two Sabbaths. Prayers for travel and family drama.  Pray for the Holy Spirit's peace.

Letisha - Thanks for the safe travels

Prayers for Brian & Michelle as they get married on Sunday.  

Prayers for children and grandchildren.

Kevin - Invitation for people to step up.  WE need younger people to lead the church.

Paulo - Going to California to visit my sister.

June 8

Debbie - My mom had a bad diagnosis.  Her cancer is progressing.  Please pray for Lillian McCoy

Pat - Pray for all our  kids

MaryKay - Praise that we had an anniversary.  47 years!

George - Pray for the Idaho Campmeeting 

Jean - Praise the lord. He is our health and salvation

Karen - Pray for Tim in London

May 25

Gloria - Linda had her surgery and I think is home.  I will try to get updates.

David - Thanks for your prayers for Susan and her broken ankle.

Sue - Prayers continued for Lori Marsh and her healing after her horse accident.  She's still in pain.

Debbie - Praise that a friend is safe after the brakes went out on the vehicle.  There were children in the area and so he put it into a powerpole on purpose.  He has a concussion and a sprained ankle.

​Martha - WE had 19 graduate from Preschool & Kindergarten yesterday.  Pray the years in our school carry on and have an impact.

Allison - Friday, Kevin and his brothers will go on a road trip on Route 66.  Pray for safe travels.

Visitor - My grandson is battling with drugs.  He did well and graduated but slides back.  Prayers to protect him.  His name is Grant.

Hannah - James and I graduated from high school yesterday.  Prayers as we go to college and adulthood.

Joni - Praise that Pastor Lem is here today and for reunion.  Glad they are here at Eagle.  Welcome to all visitors.

Letisha - My oldest daughter will graduate from high school this year.  There is stress between the relationships with their father.  Prayers for peace.

May 11

Debbie - Praise God that the water leak was fixed at the school!

Martha - Isaac turned 10 this week!

Van - Praise that we were able to see the Aurora Borealis.  It's been on Aurora's bucketlist.

Cindy - 2 weeks ago on the way home form Alumni at Walla Walla, my car broke down.  My friends were able to pick me up and it's fixed now.

Debbie - My son's employee is able to talk some and thinking some now. Praise God for his progress.

Carlton - My daughter has a new job and apartment.  Christian Education doesn't cost, it pays!

Pat - I have a blessing. I'm married to a wonderful woman!

Linda - I will be having significant surgery this week.  Please pray for me.

Martha - Please keep Ashley & Allyson in your prayers as they work through the loss of their mom.

Jodi - Tim is able to go see his brother this Tuesday.  His other brothers will be there as well. Keep this in your prayers as they meet with him that he is open to God.

Bella - I have finals next week. Pray for me to have the attention span for them.

May 4

Debbie - We had track and field day at BVAS.  It was good even through the rain and we had no injuries.  There were 6 schools there and our school placed first in a lot of events!  Prayers for this coming school year...

Hannah - Prayer for a friend Josh Baker and for Karen Graybill's family.  Praise that I'm graduating on Monday!

Jean - Prayer for a friend's son who is having health issues and tests.  He's only 12 years old.

Emmanuel - I'm back to church!  Thanks for your prayers while I was gone.  I haven't been here this year because my surgery was in January...  I received your messages from my family.  Thank you.

Martha - Sue Green broke her ankle and is having surgery.

April 27

Brian - Pray for my Dad and his cancer.  He gets a port put in.

Sue - Pray for Mike, my neighbor.  He has effects from agent orange and is in pain.  He needs prayer.

Carlton - the secretary from the office has cancer.  Pray for family.  It's hard to see family die.

Paulo - glad Bob & Josie are here today.

Allison - My coworker, Tasha has some serious health problems.  Also, next door neighbor. the mom has mental health issues.  Suzanne

Bob - I have a friend the has had astrike, Scott

Sharon - Nice to see John & Edie back!

Jodi - Pray for the family who lost their son in the bicycle accident.  Friend of JC's.  The funeral is happening right now.

April 20

Jodi - JC Digaum's best friend was hit by a car this week and he didn't make it.  Please pray for the family and for JC.  Also for Joni as she has to tell him.

Pat - Mary Kay & Frank have been doing Bible studies and they have made the decision to be baptized!  The wiffeis waiting for her husband to understand more.  Pray for Tammy & Mike.  Also Susan wants to be baptized but is nervous about her husband.

Bob - My neighbor Jason and his fiancé live next to us.  He is not a Christian but is thinking of coming to church.  He says he needs God in his life.

Martha - We're having a phone fight with ATT.  I was at Costco for 3 hours dealing with it and in the process was able to tell about Adventists.  You can witness anywhere.  God gives us moments.

Bob - It's a privilege to work with God

Carlton - I have an offer in CA, but not where I prefer.  God is the head though.

Linda - One of our clients at work is 62 and in good health, but he just collapsed and died!  2 days later another.  It's been a hard week.  Pray for God to be able to support them.

Debbie - Pray for the school & the families.  Some are not practicing Christians and what they hear about God is what they learn at school.

Gloria - I see a lack of wisdom in the world. Pray for all to see the truth.

April 13

Debbie - There are two kids that are registering for next year and 2 more coming to visit.

Kevin - My lower back has been hurting and now feel better, but Allison did something to her back 

We can use extra help in the food pantry today.

Bella - My cousin has softball and pray they can do their best

Martha -  Pray that God impresses us who we need to have and we are open to listen to the prospective pastor 

Cindy - Pastor Bob will be preaching in Garden Valley on May 11th.

Sharon - Our brother-in-law has had drinking issues and now health issues.  Pray for him and the family.

Debbie - Milford Terrell is on hospice and losing the fight with Parkinson's

Kevin - It is imperative on the 27th that all are here to see and hear our prospective pastor.  

Pat - Pray for God's will, not ours

Mom - Thanks for my church family.  Continue in faith and our church growth

Van - Glad to see Roberta here today!

Joe - God's blessing be with the children in this church.

April 6

Kevin - Praise that I got the promotion and will start as a manager on the 21st.

Gloria - Grateful to this church for your smiles and hugs.

Wendy - Pray for Roberta as she still has pain in her back and leg.  She's not able to come to church like she used to.

Cindy - At the Emmett church they have had a REvelation Seminar and will be baptising several people.

Jodi - Pray for HOlly Moss as she just went through some major surgery

David - Pray for Emmanuel.  He hasn't been here and has had pain in his hands.

Kevin - Praise for the school and the Spring Program and science fair.  The kids were great.

George - Praise to God for He is good.  His mercy endures forever!