1 John 5:14 ~ This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.

Each week in our worship service we take the time to share our thanks to God and our burdens.  


Join our prayer team on Thursdays at 6pm in prayer via teleconference.   

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Joni & Ping Digaum with J.D. & J.C.


The following is our ongoing prayer list:    Thanks to all for your prayers!

Remember to also pray for our prayer list in the bulletin:  

Our church family, our school, and our preschool

EACSM: Community Services Ministries

Prison Ministries

April 13

Debbie - There are two kids that are registering for next year and 2 more coming to visit.

Kevin - My lower back has been hurting and now feel better, but Allison did something to her back 

We can use extra help in the food pantry today.

Bella - My cousin has softball and pray they can do their best

Martha -  Pray that God impresses us who we need to have and we are open to listen to the prospective pastor 

Cindy - Pastor Bob will be preaching in Garden Valley on May 11th.

Sharon - Our brother-in-law has had drinking issues and now health issues.  Pray for him and the family.

Debbie - Milford Terrell is on hospice and losing the fight with Parkinson's

Kevin - It is imperative on the 27th that all are here to see and hear our prospective pastor.  

Pat - Pray for God's will, not ours

Mom - Thanks for my church family.  Continue in faith and our church growth

Van - Glad to see Roberta here today!

Joe - God's blessing be with the children in this church.

April 6

Kevin - Praise that I got the promotion and will start as a manager on the 21st.

Gloria - Grateful to this church for your smiles and hugs.

Wendy - Pray for Roberta as she still has pain in her back and leg.  She's not able to come to church like she used to.

Cindy - At the Emmett church they have had a REvelation Seminar and will be baptising several people.

Jodi - Pray for HOlly Moss as she just went through some major surgery

David - Pray for Emmanuel.  He hasn't been here and has had pain in his hands.

Kevin - Praise for the school and the Spring Program and science fair.  The kids were great.

George - Praise to God for He is good.  His mercy endures forever!

March 23

Debbie - Thanks to all who worked in the school hallway.

Happy Birthday to Miracle

Gloria - My cat is ornery but he has been laying down and going to sleep while I study the Bible!

Joni - We went to Banff and coming back there was snow.  Thanks to God for a safe trip

Pat - It's Mary Kay's birthday and our son is coming

Kevin - I'm up for a promotion and might be the manager of the FAA in Boise.

David - My daughter had the chance at a job in Dallas and decided to stay here, but needed a job.  She got one and can work remotely and an increase in salary!

Allison - I applied for another job and asked God to make it obvious.  I was not chosen, so I'm thanking God for His guidance.

Dave - Please keep the Cornforth family in your prayers.  Fred passed away.  Also Mike SCuka has been weak.

Gloria - I met a lady at Walmart.  Her name is Joelle.  She needs God.  Pray for me to be able to say the right things to people.

Allison - Our daughter seems to be hearing voices.  We will be there in July and wondering how it will go.  Pray for Jennifer.

Pat - I have 2 school that need teachers.

March 16

Debbie - Tyler, my son's friend that was in a motorcycle accident and had a brain injury is remembering who my son is and where he worked.  He is in rehab and is stnading up with assistance and talking better!  Praise God!

Gloria - Pray for my friend Barbara who is new in the faith. and pray for the man who robbed a bank because he was desperate.

Holly - Praise to see familiar faces.  Pray for my son who is trying to get his business to take off.

Wendy - Pray for Roberta.  She has been hurting a lot and is not here today.

March 9

Egina -3 I took my sister to Florida to live with her daughter.  She is having a hard time and wants to come home, but can't.  Prayers for peace for both Eggy and her daughter Vanessa

Bob - Prayers for the Tchenko family in Enterprise who lost their little son.

Jodi - Thanks for your prayers for the Bennetts.  The court ruled to give custody to the aunt and the biological parents have given up rights.  They are very happy with this outcome.

Oren - PRayers as well for the Tchenkos

Letisha - Pray for Lisa who I'm giving Bible studies to.  She has a lot of stress in life and is in a battle in her mind.  Everything she is learning makes sense, but not what she is used to.

Don - Pray for Dennis Parks

Dallas - Keep praying for our church and a vision and plan for us

Debbie - Pray for my mom who will be undergoing chemo again and for my niece Lisa who has had stomach and vision problems.