Live Nativity


December 6 & 7, 2019

  • Reminding you of the Real Reason for the Season..... JESUS!    (see pictures under Live Nativity tab)

Last year, the Eagle Seventh-day Adventist church along with the help our neighboring Latter Day Saints church and Crossroads Christian Fellowship had the Live Nativity for the community. (We welcome participation of any other community churches in this special event in the future)

We experienced the Bethlehem marketplace and the story of the birth of Jesus, sang Christmas carols and listened to beautiful Christmas music, kids did some Christmas crafts and we had some hot soup and hot chocolate.

We got to pet Clyde the camel, the sheep, donkey, horse, goats and see the shepherds.

"Taxes" of non-perishable food were collected for the Idaho food bank.  This year we had 425 pounds of food donated to the food bank which was 354 meals!

Live Nativity Schedule of Events